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From Jim VE1JBL Sept.20th, 2017

CANWARN Atlantic would like to welcome Paul Leger VE9NC from Hampton New Brunswick as the latest amateur to join our club.
As a member you will now receive all the news & information sent out to CANWARN Atlantic members and information about storms as they approach the Maritimes. Also you will receive information if a net is activated and your part as a storm spotter. If a net is not activated you will receive info on how to send in your reports to Environment Canada.

From Jim VE1JBL Sept. 6th, 2017

With all the warnings earlier this spring from the National Hurricane Center, their forecasts are all coming true.

 With what happened in Texas and Louisiana and now three Hurricanes active at the same time one the largest ever recorded it is time to look for new recruits for CANWARN.

We are looking for all amateur radio operators interested in volunteering their time to help out in these major storms.

We need stations along the coast of Nova Scotia from Yarmouth to Sydney to become storm spotters to tell the story that radar can't including storm surge, damage reports etc. Environment Canada depends on amateur radio operators to report these conditions to better serve them.

The Yarmouth area is very critical for CANWARN as hurricanes and many winter storms will hit this area first and reports to Environment Canada are very important.

We also would like to have operators along the Fundy coast of New Brunswick including Grand Manan Island, Saint John, Alma etc.

If you would like to become storm spotters for CANWARN contact me:

 Jim Langille VE1JBL at [email protected]

We must be prepared. "It will happen here"


From Peter VE1PS Sept.8th, 2017

Although not likely that we will see flooding like Texas saw given our elevations but an article worth consideration.



N. Peter D. Service, BA
From Jim VE1JBL Jun.5th, 2017

We would like to welcome Ken Holmes VE1UF from Bible Hill NS and Francis Pitre VE9FCP from Bathurst NB the latest amateurs to join the CANWARN Atlantic website.

From Jim VE1JBL Feb.16th:

CANWARN Atlantic would like to welcome Bill Simm VA1ALW, Scott Verge VE1SRV and Aaron Abbott VO1FOX as the latest amateurs to join the CA website. Welcome aboard guys.

Aaron is a Net Control Operator for CANWARN in Newfoundland & Labrador.

From Jim VE1JBL Feb.12th:

Hi Guys,
 A notice that there is a new email address for sending storm reports to Environment Canada. As in the past take your readings at the top of the hour and then send them in.

[email protected]

Remember to always put CANWARN and your QTH in the subject line.
There are many people who will send it reports so this is the only way they will know that it has come from a CANWARN member.

Another option is Twitter. Environment Canada does include these in their weather statements.
You can post weather reports at any time using

 #nsstorm, #nbstorm, #pestorm or #nlwx.

Again add CANWARN in your report.

Until radio nets are established again in the future this is the best way to send in reports.

Thanks for supporting CANWARN Atlantic.

From Jim VE1JBL Dec.10th, 2016

If there is no amateur radio net during a storm, CANWARN spotters can tweet reports at any time using the hash tags below.

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Is.

There is also a telephone Number and email address (above) members can use to send reports. Report your findings the same way as if during a CANWARN Radio Net.

  1. Give your CANWARN reporting station. Example: (CANWARN Amherst) 
  2. Your name
  3. Callsign
  4. Your report.

 * You can also add any power outages, damage reports, road closures etc.

Telephone - 1-877-815-9900

Email - [email protected]